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We will accept some products to review that will benefit our multicultural audience. 

Some of the key factors we consider before reviewing a product are: 

  • Food: Local, Organic, Allergy Friendly, Family Owned, Culturally Diverse
  • Hair: Biracial Hair Care, Beads, Accessories, Snaps, Natural Care
  • Products: Well made, Educational, Environmentally Considerate, Inventions
  • Destinations: Encourage Family Experiences, Marriage Retreats, Outdoor Excursions 
  • Culturally Diverse: Promote Respect and Love for Multicultural Families
  • Books: Diverse Authors, Silenced Voices, Children Books, Multicultural, Educational
  • Services: Superior Customer Service, Give Back to the Community, Special Need Advocates

“When we say WOW , I tell you now at!”

WOW reviews

If payment was received for doing a review, it will be disclosed in the review post. Please note, our family commits to bringing only our honest  opinion of an experience. We only post reviews that we have tried, said WOW, and would recommend our friends.

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Denman Brush

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