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I am not just a Registered Nurse who knows how serious food allergies are. I am a Mom who has had a serious allergic reaction, and a parent to 3 daughters with food allergies. Learning how to still live with joy, after the diagnosis of a food allergy, is the reality  that our family lives with every day.

One day my daughter came home from school crying because she did not get a chocolate birthday cupcake from school “just in case it had nuts.” While this happened out of concern for her, I was saddened by how often food became tears because of a food allergy.

That day I made a decision for my family. I decided we would find some way to bring joy into the kitchen using foods my family is not allergic to. Every time we make a fun and healthy, allergy friendly snack, we send out a prayer of joy to another family facing the reality of food allergies. 

When we started, our goal was just to bring a smile to the faces of our 3 daughters with nut allergies. 

It turns out, many other families were interested in smiling also – because we are now featured in San Diego Family Magazine’s Snacking with Joy! 

We are so happy to share the smiles!

Please note: all recipes posted that require cooking or cutting need to be done by an adult.


50 Easy & Healthy Snacks
50+ Easy & Healthy...
Olaf Snack
Olaf Snack
Valentine pancake snack
Gluten Free Pancake Valentine...
Valentine Kale Salad Bento Box
Valentine Kale Salad Bento...
You have asked a lot of questions the past few weeks. Here is everything you want to know about the Bento Box!
Bento Box
Heart Shaped Egg
How to make a...
Snowman Caprese Salad
Snowman Caprese Salad
Christmas Tree Snack
Christmas Tree Snack
Friendly Ghost Jicama and Dip
Friendly Ghost Jicama and...
Pumpkin Patch Cheese and Cracker Snack
Pumpkin Patch Cheese and...
Orange Smile Snack
Orange Smile Vitamin C...
Candycorn Sticks Halloween Snack
Candycorn Popsicles
Friendly Witch Snack Framed by
Friendly Witch Snack
butterfly fiesta cheese quesadilla snack
Butterfly Fiesta Cheese Quesadilla...
rocketship fruit and cheese snack
Rocketship Fruit and Cheese...
We LOVE making these easy, portable, healthy "treats"
Homemade Portable Yogurt
Flowerbox  Snack
Flower Box Snack: Gluten...
Ice Cream Cone Avocado and Gluten Free Chip Snack
"Ice Cream Cone" Avocado...
photo 1 (36)
Kid Kitchen Cabinets 101...
photo 4
Applesauce Recipe with Home...
Daisy Snack apple and celery bouquet
Daisy Snack Apple and...
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