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About San Diego 

Welcome to San Diego, California!

With fantastic sunny weather nearly all year long, a wonderful sense of diversity in the community, and world famous places to explore – San Diego will be a wonderful place to visit or to call home. I know that when we first moved here all we wanted to do was explore San Diego! (and we still do!)  

But we also wanted to know where the best local seafood spots were… where we could go to make great family memories… and of course, how we could get a fantastic local deal. When I first came to San Diego, I loved it when locals pointed me in the right direction. So, I am pleased to do the same for you! Feel free to ask any questions you have and we will be sure to get back to you.

Whatever you choose to do today in San Diego, it will be a joy filled day! 

~ Welcome to San Diego! ~

Everyday California
Everyday California
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